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Aujourd'hui, j'ai eu le grand plaisir d'accueillir sous mon toit une adorable Poupée L ...


Our Little Darling dolls

Important note about LITTLE DARLING:

Since July 2014, we are no longer able to source from the American supplier "Doll Studio", and this is due to the huge success of these dolls.

The dolls displayed on our site are models that we had in stock but that we no longer sell!!!

The only way to get a Little Darling is to order it directly from the United States via the website

Unfortunately, the waiting time to receive the doll is very important (more than 18 months).

However, we continue to sell clothes, shoes, wigs and other original creations for these charming ladies.

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    The Story of these gorgeous dolls

    Since 1979, Dianna Effner has been designing and creating vinyl and porcelain dolls for collectors.

    In 1992, Dianna (along with her husband) started a family business offering her own molds, patterns and supplies for porcelain doll makers.

    In 1999, Dianna founded the Doll Dreamers Guild to teach eye painting techniques, which has become her trademark. Dianna has 3 children and 11 grandchildren, who have always been her greatest inspiration for the design of her dolls... Dianna is assisted in the creation of these 'little darlings' by several people (who have all been trained in a very strict manner).

    Here are a few words about Geri Uribe and Joyce Mathews: Geri, a great artist and assistant to Dianna Effner, has been creating dolls since 1989. They have been creating the beautiful 'Little Darling' dolls since 2009. Considered a "Master Doll Maker", Geri is a member of the Doll Dreamer Society... Joyce is also a member of the Doll Dreamers Guild... Since 2002, she has been taking classes with Dianna to paint the eyes of dolls. Having also become a great "Doll Maker", she opened her own doll company "Kuwahi Dolls" in 2009....

    Be amazed and open your eyes !

    All you want to know about this great artist is in our blog : just click here !

  • Original Outfits for Little Darling
  • Outfits for Little Darling
  • Shoes for Little Darling
  • Wigs for Little Darling

    Discover our very wide selection of 7/8" size wigs, ideal for Little Darling dolls