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  • A Girl for All Time

    A Girl for All Time

    In a few words : Frances CAIN left the USA more than 20 years ago to settle in England. Specialized in the organization of events, and mother of 2 children (including a little girl), Frances was constantly looking for the 'toy' which encourages play in an intelligent and creative way. Finding 'THE' toy that would celebrate femininity in an intelligent way was a mission...impossible for her!
    This is how this magnificent range of dolls was born, based on values such as friendship or family, through memory books, encouraging the little girl to build her own 'family tree', in search of her roots!

    Design of the Dolls : In England

    Manufacture of Dolls : In China

  • Art'n Doll
  • Asi


    In a few words : Dolls with indescribable charm that are designed and made in Alicante. Marketed since 1995, these small "Munecas" are still created in an artisanal way in order to maintain a quality product...

    Design of the Dolls : In Spain

    Manufacture of Dolls : In Spain

  • Berjuan


    Pretty dolls made 100% in Spain and with great charm.

    Discover the Fashion Girls, the Gretta and Patia.

  • Bo Bergemann

    Bo Bergemann

    In a few words : Great Hawaiian Artist, Bo Bergemann has been creating her own dolls since 1995. This passion has proven to be a huge success.
    In 2008, she specialized in the creation of BJD. In 2010, Bo opened her business of collectible BJD dolls ("By Bo Bergemann). She creates the moulds, sculpts the dolls in resin, paints them according to the great traditions (Asian Ball Jointed Dolls)... Bo loves her family and has 3 children.

    In 2015, launch of the first "Trendy & Swag" vinyl dolls

    Doll Design : In Hawaii

    Manufacture of Dolls : In China

  • Bombon


    In a nutshell : Bombon dolls were designed in 2017 by Salud Amores.
    This is a reissue of a vintage doll from the 50s.

    Design of the Dolls : In Spain

    Manufacture of Dolls : In Spain

  • Boneka


    In a few words : Pretty 25 cm collectible dolls created according to a mold by Diana Effner and made by the German company Boneka .

    Design of Dolls : In the United States (dolls) and in Germany (clothes)

    Manufacture of Dolls : In China (dolls) and in Indonesia (clothes)

  • Bonikka


    Here is an original range and a colorful collection of rag dolls, with quality materials used in the manufacture of these dolls.

    We are very happy to introduce you to the brand Bonikka , delicate dolls made ethically in Sri Lanka .

    The natural materials used (including cotton and rubber) are 100% natural, recycled and completely safe for the delicate and sensitive skin of children.

  • Bukowski


    In a nutshell : The BUKOWSKI company was founded in 1990 by Barbara Bukowski who began to manufacture and sew magnificent stuffed animals for her 2 sons, inspired by old-fashioned teddy bears, mainly English and German. During a fair in Sweden, she presented her creations and it was the beginning of a magnificent adventure!

    Plush design : In Sweden

    Manufacture of stuffed animals : In Sweden

  • Charlie Bears

    Charlie Bears

    In a few words : The Charlie Bears bear factory was created in 2005 in England by Charlotte and William Morris.
    After several years, these handcrafted bears have conquered the whole world and the hearts of millions of fans!

    Design of the Bears : In England

    Manufacture of Bears : Sri Lanka and Thailand

  • Colibri - Carte Cadeau
  • Colibri - Chaussures
  • Colibri - Divers
  • Colibri - Perruques
  • Comi Baby Doll

    Comi Baby Doll

    In a few words : These magnificent dolls are handcrafted in Hong Kong by Comila Liu as a tribute to childhood.

    Design of the Dolls : In Hong-Kong

    Manufacture of Dolls : In Hong Kong

  • D'Nenes


    In a few words : Here are the pretty ethnic dolls of Carmen Gonzalez made in Spain

    Design of the Dolls : In Spain

    Manufacture of Dolls : In Spain

  • Darak


    In a few words : Since 2012, Darak has been designing, developing, producing and selling splendid BJDs.
    This company is made up of several professional artists whose primary desire is to favor 100% artisanal work of impeccable quality.

    Design of Dolls : In Korea

    Manufacture of Dolls : In Korea

  • Dianna Effner's Li'L Dreamer

    Dianna Effner's Li'L Dreamer

    In a few words : Dianna had dreamed of it for a very long time... Her family and friends did it in her memory!
    Here is the new line of 28 cm dolls imagined by Dianna Effner and made by her family and friends.
    A dream come true thanks to the perseverance of all.

    Design of Dolls : In the USA

    Manufacture of Dolls : In China

  • Götz


    In a nutshell : We no longer have to introduce you to the Götz institution in the world of dolls! A collection of hundreds of dolls, clothes and accessories!

    Design of the Dolls : In Germany

    Manufacture of Dolls : In China

  • HABA


    In a few words : The German company HABA was created in 1938 and specializes in the world of children and families.

    Product design : In Germany

    Manufacture of products : In China

  • Jellycat


    Jellycat creates delightfully innovative stuffed animals, combining luxurious fabrics with designs that are sometimes eccentric, sometimes too cute,
    with each time a little something different and so original.
    The name Jellycat was dreamed up by a kid who loved jellies and cats; and what a joy to have them together...

  • Käthe Kruse

    Käthe Kruse

    In a few words : The Käthe Kruse company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011. This company was created in 1911 by Mrs. Käthe Kruse who then produced magnificent handmade dolls.
    In 2013, Käthe Kruse was acquired by the HAPE Group, the world's largest producer of toys made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

    Design of the Dolls : In Germany

    Manufacture of Dolls : In China

  • Levenya


    Beautiful Ukrainian dolls for a universe of sweetness!

  • Little Darling

    Little Darling

    In a few words :

    Since July 2014, we can no longer obtain supplies from the American supplier "Doll Studio", and this, in view of the enormous success of these dolls. The dolls displayed on our site are models that we had in stock but that we no longer sell!! Unfortunately, the waiting time to receive the doll is very long (more than 18 months).

    On the other hand, we continue to sell clothes, shoes, wigs and other original creations for these charming young ladies.

    Design of the Dolls : In the United States

    Manufacture of Dolls : In China (dolls) and in the United States (painting of dolls)

    Our blog talks about it:

  • Llorens


    In a nutshell : Llorens dolls, made in Spain since 1958, offer excellent value for money.

    Design of the Dolls : In Spain

    Manufacture of Dolls : In Spain

  • Magda Dolls Créations

    Magda Dolls Créations

    In a few words : Magda, French seamstress and designer of original clothes and outfits for different doll models.

    To be found in our shop : Original creations for Maru, Little Darling, Boneka, Götz, Zwergnase and Ten Ping dolls.

  • Maru & Friends

    Maru & Friends

    In a few words :

    Sculpted by the great Artist Dianna Effner and created by Maritza Gutierrez, this line of dolls traces the journey of Maritza, a young Hispanic Cuban who landed in the USA at the age of 7...
    This is the purpose and finesse of these 5 dolls: to teach cultural and ethnic diversity to young children (and even adults)!
    Enter their universe filled with sweets...

    Design of the Dolls : In the United States

    Manufacture of Dolls : In China

  • Monique


    In a nutshell : Monique specializes in manufacturing hundreds of high quality wigs for all types of dolls.

    Wig Design : In USA

    Manufacture of Wigs : In China

  • Moulin Roty
  • Nines d'Onil

    Nines d'Onil

    In a few words : 100% European dolls created since 1985, in Onil in the south of Spain.

    Design of the Dolls : In Spain

    Manufacture of Dolls : In Spain

  • Paola Reina

    Paola Reina

    In a few words : 100% European dolls created since 1994, in Alicante, Spain. Quality and design play a very important role in the manufacturing process, combined with other techniques (such as mold sculpting, hair styling, makeup and dressing).

    Design of the Dolls : In Spain

    Manufacture of Dolls : In Spain

  • Petitcollin


    In a few words : Petitcollin has been making dolls since 1860 in France. A major turning point in 2015 with the launch of a brand new resolutely different range, signed by the famous designer Sylvia Natterer who has punctuated the world of contemporary dolls with her creations for more than twenty years...

    Design of the Dolls : In France

    Manufacturing of the Dolls : In France

  • Reina del Norte

    Reina del Norte

    In a few words : The beginning of this adventure begins in 2018 when the famous Russian doll designer Marina Tsvetkova launches her first collection.
    A unique Russian project combined with manufacturing in Spain by one of the largest doll producers in Europe, these are the ingredients of this magnificent adventure.

    Design of Dolls : In Russia

    Manufacture of Dolls : In Spain

  • Ruby Red

    Ruby Red

    In a few words : Creator of exceptional dolls since 2008... All dolls are created in such a way as to accentuate human characteristics, and their small size is just perfect to carry these wonders in the hand. Always very attention to detail in the quality of the doll and the tailoring of the clothes.
    All this makes these dolls very popular with collectors...

    Design of Dolls : In China

    Manufacture of Dolls : In China

  • Schildkröt


    In a nutshell : Schildkröt is a world renowned German manufacturing plant.

    Design and manufacture : In Germany

  • Threadbear


    In a few words : The Threadbear company designs and manufactures pretty rag dolls with English charm and refinement.

    Plush Design : In England

    Manufacture of stuffed animals : In China

  • Vestida de Azul

    Vestida de Azul

    In a few words : Made in Spain, Paulina and Carlota will seduce you with their generosity, because they are called " Munecas con corazon ", which means "Dolls with a big heart"....

    Design of the Dolls : In Spain

    Manufacture of Dolls : In Spain

  • Wagner Puppen Schuhe

    Wagner Puppen Schuhe

    In a few words : Discover these beautiful leather shoes for dolls, handmade in Germany for more than 35 years.
    Heike and Uwe Wagner are true craftsmen and dedicate the best for the little feet of your dolls...

    Design and manufacture of Shoes : In Germany

  • Zwergnase


    In a few words : Discover these dolls to play with " character " (they exist in 35 or 50 Cm).
    You will love them or you will hate them... but one thing is certain: they will not leave you indifferent!

    Design of the Dolls : In Germany

    Manufacture of the Dolls : In Germany