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Play Dolls

Our Play dolls

The pleasure of taming one's best friend or lifelong confidant to share tender moments of happiness!

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  • Fashion Friends Dolls

    RubyRed surprises us once again with these new 15 inch (36 Cm) Fashion Friends Dolls, sculpted by Dianna Effner.

    Discover Maya, Hanna, Stella, Sara, Bella, Kayla, Lila, Freida and Alex ... and of course our Exclusive Dolls !

    You wish to know the history of these dolls and their creators?

    We tell you everything on our Blog, this way !

  • Siblies Dolls

    Discover the little sisters and brother of RubyRed's Fashion Friends dolls!

    These 7 new 30cm dolls will charm you with their 9 joints and their very modern outfits.

  • Create Your Dream Doll

    Discover this new line of dolls made by Rubyred from designs created by the brand's die-hard fans.

    A perfect collection for all collectors and children looking for dolls with a fabulous "Quality/Price" ratio!

    Whether you're an avid collector or a newcomer to the world of dolls, these creations are just right for YOU!

  • Zwergnase Dolls

    Discover these magnificent dolls (available in 4 sizes: 35, 45, 50 and 55 Cm) imagined, designed and handcrafted in Germany by the very talented Nicole MARSCHOLLEK. Expressive, charismatic and fascinating...

  • GOTZ Dolls

    Discover the 7 new dolls of the 2022 Collection: two Happy Kidz dolls (Ella and Mila), two Hannah dolls, 2 Little Kidz dolls (Grete and Paul, the first boy!!) and finally a Precious Day doll (Elisabeth Rainbow).

  • Maru and Friends Dolls

    Let us introduce you to this beautiful line of "Maru and Friends" Play Dolls, which we have the exclusivity for France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

    Sculpted by the great Artist Dianna Effner and created by Maritza Gutierrez, this line of dolls retraces the journey of Maritza, a young Cuban Hispanic girl arriving in the USA at the age of 7...
    This is the purpose and the finesse of these dolls: to teach cultural and ethnic diversity to young children (and even adults)!
    Enter their world filled with sweetness ... All Maru dolls are CE/EN71 tested (for children from 6 years old)

  • Paola Reina Dolls

    100% European dolls created since 1994, in Alicante, Spain. Quality and design play a very important role in the manufacturing process, combined with other techniques (such as mold carving, hairdressing, makeup and clothing).

  • Reina del Norte Dolls

    We are very proud and happy to present you the brand Reina del Norte, which we received the Exclusivity for France.

    The beginning of this adventure starts in 2018 when the famous Russian doll designer Marina Tsvetkova launches her first collection.
    A unique Russian project combined with manufacturing in Spain by one of the largest doll producers in Europe, these are the ingredients of this magnificent adventure.

  • MIA Dolls from Nines d'Onil

    The Colibri team, like many other collectors, has fallen under the spell of these very original MIA dolls that exist in 2 sizes (23 cm et 30 cm).

    Come and discover them and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of MIA... you will fall in love!

  • Reborn Baby from Nines d'Onil

    How about adopting a fabulous 48 cm reborn baby from Nines d'Onil?

    These breathtakingly realistic babies (weight of a real baby, pacifier, visible veins, etc.) are handcrafted in the south of Spain.

  • Müller-Wichtel Dolls by Schildkröt

    We are very pleased to present the creations of Rosemarie Müller-Wichtel by Schildkröt.

    These little devils are waiting for you to bring laughter and happiness to your home, because don't we say that these creatures (also called gnomes or elves) are ... real balms for the soul?

  • NATTERER Dolls by PetitCollin

    Petitcollin presents its brand new 2021-2022 collection, signed by the famous creator Sylvia Natterer who has given rhythm to the world of contemporary dolls for more than twenty years...

    8 dolls in total divided into 5 categories: Bibichou, Minette, Minouche, Starlette and Finouche.

  • Marie-Francoise by PetitCollin

    Marie-Françoise, sister of Françoise, appears for the first time in 1958, in the magazine Mode & Travaux, wearing a wig.
    In 1959, she was implanted with hair.
    Since 1964, Petitcollin ensures its production following the repurchase of the French Nobel Company.

  • Francette by Petit Collin

    Here is Francette, one of the two jewels of PetitCollin, a delightful 40 cm doll with bouncing cheeks.

    A must that is still made in France!

  • HABA Dolls

    Adopt these pretty Haba dolls of 32 Cm with soft body in fabrics with the head and the members in vinyl.

    Laughter guaranteed!

  • Yella Dolls by Schildkröt

    Discover this beautiful Yella doll of 46 Cm handcrafted by the famous German house Schildkröt

  • Kruselings by Käthe Kruse

    Discover these delicious little dolls of 23 Cm designed by Sonja Hartmann (creator of Kidz'N'Cats dolls) and manufactured by Käthe Kruse.

    The Kruselings are little fairies, true Guardians of Dreams. Let the magic take you away ...

  • BERJUAN Dolls

    Discover without delay these BERJUAN dolls designed and manufactured 100% in Spain, in the Valley of the Dolls.

  • Santoro Gorjuss Dolls

    Discover Santoro Gorjuss, these mysterious dolls without nose or mouth!

    It's up to you to imagine their expressions according to your mood of the day.

    Made in Europe.


    Frances CAIN moved to England from the USA over 20 years ago. As an event planner and mother of two children (one a little girl), Frances was always looking for the 'toy' that would encourage play in a clever and creative way. Finding 'THE' toy that would celebrate femininity in an intelligent way was a mission... impossible for her! That's how this beautiful line of dolls was born, based on values such as friendship and family, through memory books, encouraging the little girl to build her own 'family tree', in search of her roots!

  • LLORENS Dolls

    Discover these beautiful articulated dolls of 37 Cm and 42 Cm made in Spain

  • Vestida de Azul Dolls

    Made in the Valley of the Dolls in the south of Spain, Carlota (28 Cm), Paulina (33 Cm) and Coral (45 Cm) will seduce you by their generosity, because they are called "Munecas con corazon", which means "Dolls with a big heart"....

  • D'Nenes Dolls

    Height of 34 Cm, pretty dolls of Carmen Gonzalez made in Spain...

  • ASI Dolls

    Dolls of indescribable charm, designed and manufactured in the Valley of the Dolls in the south of Spain, in Alicante.

    Commercialized since 1995, these little "Munecas" are still created in an artisanal way in order to maintain a product of quality...

  • Bombon Dolls

    Discover these reissues of vintage dolls from the 50s ... real little sweets !

  • Rags Dolls

    The first step into the magical world of dolls: THE rag doll.
    Discover our large choice of dolls tested and approved by the Colibri team!

    Noble materials, softness, a touch of romanticism ... for magical childhood memories!

  • Hummingbird "Exclusive" Dolls

    You will discover dolls that you will not find anywhere else!

    Normal, these are dolls specially made by our suppliers for our Un Bonheur de Colibri shop, and this, exclusively for us!

    Don't wait too long to crack if you find your favorite because quantities are often limited...


  • Babies and Dolls

    Push the door of the Colibri nursery and come and discover all our little treasures, just waiting to be cuddled and cuddled!