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Post By Catherine
Alexandra m'a bien conseillée pour l'achat de ma petite poupée Siblies que je voulais de la même ...

Plush Bears

Teddy Bear World

Enter the universe of our "Teddy Bears" and plunge straight back into childhood.

Softness, beauty and charm to make you melt ... with happiness!

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  • Charlie Bears - 2022 Plush Collection

    The Charlie Bears adventure began in England in 2005 with a collection of 12 bears created by Charlotte Morris (known as Charlie) and her husband.

    Fifteen years later, the Charlie Bears company has created more than 2500 different models sold all over the world.

  • Charlie Bears - 2021 Plush Collection
  • Charlie Bears - Bearhouse

    The Bearhouse Collection gathers all the plushies called "to play".

    The particularity of this 2022 collection is that each character has been named after a famous zoo in the world.

    These stuffed animals are wild species whose survival is highly threatened on earth and whose zoos play a crucial role in their protection.

  • Charlie Bears - Isabelle Collection

    Discover our incredible selection of Isabelle Collection from the famous brand Charlie Bears!

    They are called "Collection" plush because they are made in very limited numbers and in noble materials such as alpaca or mohair. Of course, these pieces are enhanced with accessories and luxury, nothing being left to chance.

    The 2022 collection is rich with 36 characters whose names recall famous musicians, incredible inventors, eminent scientists, authors, singers, actors, dancers, ... in short all those who have marked our world with their mark!

  • Charlie Bears - Signature Collection

    New for 2022: the arrival of the Signature Collection!

    Discover this brand new range composed of 4 new characters, numbered collector's items, limited and made of noble materials with many accessories.

  • Bukowski

    In 1990, Barbara and Janusz Bukowski founded the Bukowski company in Sweden, which within a few years became one of the largest teddy bear factories in Europe.

    Dive into this magical and wonderful world...

    Extraordinary quality, softness, design, originality but above all ... European manufacturing!

  • Moulin Roty

    The French company Moulin Roty which gives us ... "Rendez-Vous Chemin du Loup", for a brand new tender and benevolent collection.
    Real forest animals, with realistic fur and shapes, go on a wild exploration in the middle of the night.
    They hide under their paws a wonderful secret to preserve.

    Let's meet on Wolf's Path... and the story can begin!

  • Friends of Dolls

    A cat, a dog, a horse, a teddy bear or even a cuddly toy...

    You can also dream, even if you are a doll, can't you?