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Marie-Francoise Ducasse
Il y a bien trop longtemps que je ne vous ai pas remercié pour toutes les belles poupées reçues p ...

Paola Reina Dolls

Paola Reina Dolls

100% European dolls created since 1994, in Alicante, Spain. Quality and design play a very important role in the manufacturing process, combined with other techniques (such as mold carving, hairdressing, makeup and clothing).

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  • Mi Primera Amiga

    My First Friend (Mi Primera Amiga) is a cute line of soft-bodied dolls with a vinyl head!

    "Perfect, she is not! But if she can make you laugh at least once, if she can amaze you, if she can make you smile, then she'll get the best out of you. Give her back all the love she'll give you, and she'll become the most perfect doll for you..."

  • Las Mini Amigas

    Small dolls of 21 Cm specially designed for the 25th anniversary of Paola Reina

  • Las Amigas

    Small dolls of 32 Cm, a sure value of the brand Paola Reina

  • Las Amigas Articulated

    Fall for these 5 new Las Amigas dolls with 10 joints!

    Maximum pleasure guaranteed.

  • Outfits for Las Amigas

    Dress up your beautiful Las Amigas with these Paola Reina clothes that we now offer separately!

  • Shoes for Las Amigas

    Here is our selection of shoes for Las Amigas

  • Santoro Gorjuss

    Discover Santoro Gorjuss, these mysterious dolls without nose or mouth because it is up to you to imagine their expressions according to your mood of the day.

    Made in Europe.

  • be you

    This range includes dolls of 42 Cm with a very childish look ...

  • Las Reinas

    Big dolls of 60 Cm to live great happiness ...

  • Shoes for Soy Tu / Las Reinas

    Small shoes for Soy Tu and Las Reinas dolls