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Bonjour à tous,
J'ai bien reçu la jolie poupée Iris, et je vous remercie pour la gentille att ...

Angela SUTER

Our Angela Sutter dolls

Angela Sutter, Great Swiss Artist, entered the fascinating world of Doll designers in 1985. Her greatest source of inspiration was her 3 children, but also those from Third World countries. After presenting her superb Dolls to the public, everyone was won over (4 gold medals, 1 silver and First Prizes). In 1998, Angela opened her own Studio and became well known in the UK, Italy and Central Europe. Angela Sutter has a particular interest in 'ethnic' children, because for her, "a certain melancholy emerges in their eyes". From there, Angela's Great Art takes off: her Dolls evoke this stoic charm of children who can still find moments of Happiness in difficult situations....!! Each Doll, in Unique Piece, represents a whole cultural heritage. And here are these little wonders, entirely made by Angela Sutter who has a great love for every little detail...

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